A demon of the second order, guardian of the goat. At the
feast of expiation, which the ancient Jews celebrated on the
tenth day of the seventh month, two goats were led to the high
priest, who drew lots for them, the one for the Lord, the other
for Azazel. The one on which the lot of the Lord fell was sacrificed,
and his blood served for expiation. The high priest then
put his two hands on the head of the other, confessed his sins
and those of the people, charged the animal with them, and allowed
him to be led into the desert and set free. And the people,
having left the care of their iniquities to the goat of Azazel—also
known as the scapegoat—return home with clean
According to Milton, Azazel is the principal standard bearer
of the infernal armies. It was also the name of the demon used
by Mark the heretic for his magic spells.