Bélmez Faces
Strange pictures that appeared on the stone hearth in the
kitchen of Juan Pereira Sanchez in the village of Bélmez de la
Moraleda, Spain, during 1971. The Sanchez family was puzzled
and frightened when the first face gradually manifested on the
hearth, and eventually the son of the family hacked out the face
with a pickaxe and filled in the hole with cement and sand.
Soon afterward, however, a second face appeared near the site
of the first one.
As the news spread, neighbors and later sightseers visited to
see this phenomenon. The second face was hacked out and
placed on a kitchen wall under glass. On the advice of the village
mayor, the hearth was excavated and a shaft over six feet
dug out. Bones were discovered, and it was later learned that
the house was built on the site of an old cemetery. The second
face had an agonized expression and resembled a Byzantine
sketch. Other faces continued to appear.
The case was investigated in 1972 by German de Argumosa,
who reported on some 18 ‘‘Bélmez faces’’ that had ‘‘grown’’ beyond
the cemented hearth on the tiled kitchen floor. Even
Belin, Dom Jean Albert Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
when the professor covered and sealed the floor with plastic,
new faces appeared under the plastic, although the seals were
not tampered with. Tape recordings were also made of voices
associated with the face phenomena.