Bérigard of Pisa (1578–1664)
French alchemist born Claude Guillermet de Bérigard (surname
is sometimes spelled Beauregard). He was popularly
known as Bérigard of Pisa because of his residence in Pisa, Italy.
The date of his birth is uncertain—some authorities claim it to
be 1578; others believe it is considerably later—but all agree on
Moulins being his native town, and that, while a young man, he
evinced a keen love for science in its various branches and
began to dabble in alchemy.
He appears to have studied for a while at the Sorbonne, University
of Paris, then was appointed professor of natural philosophy
at the University of Pisa until 1640. He held an analogous
position at Padua, where he died in 1664. His most important
contribution to scientific literature is Dubitationes in Dialogum
Ealilaei pro Terrae immobilitate, a quarto published at Florence
in 1632, but he was also author of Circulus Pisanus, issued at
Udine in 1643, in which he comments on Aristotle’s ideas on
physics. Bérigard’s writings are now virtually forgotten, but
they are valuable as documents illustrating the state of scientific
knowledge in the seventeenth century