Baggally, William Wortley (d. 1928)
Former member of the Council of the British Society for
Psychical Research. He cooperated with Hereward Carrington
and Everard Feilding on investigation of the phenomena
of the famous medium Eusapio Palladino in Naples during
Baggally joined the Society for Psychical Research in 1896
because he was interested in establishing experimental proof of
survival after death, and he was not satisfied with the standard
of evidence among most Spiritualists. His knowledge and proficiency
in conjuring magic made him a shrewd and intelligent
investigator of psychic phenomena. He experimented with
many well-known mediums, including William Eglinton, Cecil
Husk, Mrs. Corner, Mary Showers, Etta Wriedt, and the stage
performers Julius and Mrs. Zancig. Baggally died March 14,
Baggally, W. W., Everard Fielding, and Hereward Carrington.
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