Bailey, E. H. (1876–1959)
E. H. Bailey was a pioneer British astrologer first attracted
to the practice after reading one of the popular astrological almanacs
published by Zadkiel (pseudonym of Richard James
Morrison). He was born on November 29, 1876, and as a
young man went to work with Alan Leo, who had opened the
Astrology Publishing Company, the first successful modern
business enterprise built around astrology. In 1904, Bailey
started his own magazine, Destiny, but it was short-lived. He
later became the editor of the British Journal of Astrology.
As his appreciation of astrology matured, Bailey became interested
in the problem of what astrologers call the prenatal
epoch, i.e., determining the time of an individual’s conception.
There were methods, some quite ancient, for determining the
date of conception from the date of birth, and from those dates
making an estimate of the time of birth if otherwise unknown.
The time of birth is a necessary bit of information in constructing
anything but the most superficial of birth charts and offering
a detailed astrological reading.
Bailey collected a significant amount of data from public records
and worked with several friendly obstetricians over a period
of years to produce his most famous book, The Prenatal
Epoch, in 1916. Astrologers paid attention to the topic during
the era between the two World Wars, but during the postwar era
have turned to other methods for rectifying charts in those
minimal number of cases where birth records are nonexistent.
Bailey was named a fellow of the Astrological Society of America.
He died on June 4, 1959.
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