Barbara Brennan School of Healing
The Barbara Brennan School of Healing was founded in
1982 by Barbara Brennan, a former associate of trance channel
Eva Pierrakos (1915–1979) and her husband, psychiatrist John
C. Pierrakos (1921– ). Eva Pierrakos had founded a system
for self-transformation called the Pathwork. Her husband, who
had begun his long career working with Wilhelm Reich, had
been one of the founders of bioenergetics, a system of bodywork,
and later founded the Institute of Core Energetics. During
the 1970s, Brennan worked with the couple and became an
accomplished practitioner of both the Pathwork and core energetics.
She developed her own private healing practice and
then began to teach others.
Brennan had begun her adult life as a physicist. She earned
a master’s degree in atmospheric physics and worked for a time
at the Goddard Space Flight Center near Washington, D.C. She
became a leader in the Pathwork and one of the first graduates
of the Institute of Core Energetics. Through the 1980s she developed
her own synthesis of spiritual healing which was embodied
in her 1989 volume, Hands of Light, New Age bestselling
title. It was followed by two additional books, Light
Emerging The Journey of Personal Healing (1993) and more recently,
Seeds of the Spirit (1999), poetry channeled from Heyoan,
Brennan’s spiritual guide.
The school is designed to train professional healers. The
curriculum is built around four areas healing science, awakening
(self-exploration and awareness), creativity, and professionalism.
Students not only learn a broad perspective on healing,
drawing deeply from the Pierrakoses’ work, but are introduced
to a broad range of psychic practices from meditation to channeling.
In the 1999–2000 school year, the school introduced a
graduate program open to the previous graduates of the
school. It teaches the most advanced concepts and techniques
developed by Brennan and involves the students in a program
of research. It is designed to enhance the student’s status as a
The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is headquartered
at P.O. Box 2005, East Hampton, NY 11937-0903. It has an Internet
page at
Barbara Brennan School of Healing. http June 10, 2000.
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