‘‘Bartholomew,’’ the entity channeled through MaryMargaret
Moore, has emerged through the several books of his
teachings as one of the more popular entities in the New Age
world. Described as an ‘‘energy vortex’’ or alternatively as ‘‘the
higher and wiser level of energy,’’ ‘‘Bartholomew’’ made his initial
appearance in the mid-1970s. Moore was visiting with her
friends John and Louise Aiken. John Aiken hypnotized Moore
in an attempt to relieve her back pains, and ‘‘Bartholomew’’
began to speak.
Hesitantly Moore accepted ‘‘Bartholomew’s’’ presence and
allowed him to speak through her, but she also initially tested
him. Noting the possibility that she was simply involved in a
massive self-delusion, she monitored the information from
‘‘Bartholomew’’ and gauged it according to its helpful effects.
Her acceptance of ‘‘Bartholomew’’ was also helped by consulting
the I Ching, a Chinese divination method that involves the
throwing of sticks that can create one of 64 hexagram patterns.
She got the fiftieth, which refers to the ‘‘hollow’’ ruler who is
receptive to the wisdom of a sage; and the first, which refers to
the creative power of the Deity. She decided that she was the
ruler and ‘‘Bartholomew’’ the sage and thus that the channeling
was a valid experience.
Equally important, she observed that she and others who
began to act out of Bartholomew’s wisdom were benefiting
from it. For herself, Moore discovered a balance between the
use of her rational thinking abilities when appropriate and her
intuitive self at other suitable moments. The channeling activity
itself seemed to bring a sense of peace, gratitude, and love.
The first volume of selected materials from the channeling
sessions with ‘‘Bartholomew’’ was published in 1984 as I Come
as a Brother A Remembrance of Illusions. As many people became
aware of ‘‘Bartholomew,’’ Moore attained some celebrity status
within the New Age community. Moore soon produced a second
volume, From the Heart of a Gentle Brother (1987). ‘‘Bartholomew’’
argues for the importance of relating to a higher reality.
He calls upon people to turn within and discover the place of
knowingness inside the self, assures people that they are not
alone in the universe and that they need to open themselves to
the energies that permeate it, allowing those energies to transform
the self. Self-love and self-acceptance are additional important
components of the transforming personality.
‘‘Bartholomew’’ also emphasizes a life of harmlessness. The
shift of people and of society as a whole to a higher level of consciousness
is dependent upon the acceptance of a life of harmlessness
and a move away from thoughts, words, and actions
that lead to harm of others.
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