Bartlett, John Allen (1861–1933)
Retired English marine officer and songwriter who was the
psychic medium of part of the Glastonbury Scripts, in which
indications were given regarding the site and characteristics of
the long-lost Edgar and Loretto Chapels of the Abbey at Glastonbury.
Bartlett was a friend of Frederick Bligh Bond’s, with
whom the experiments were conducted and who excavated the
abbey site. In his book The Gate of Remembrance (1918), Bond,
using the pseudonym ‘‘John Alleyne’’ for his friend Bartlett, describes
these experiments and their outcome.
Bond believed that the scripts and also the automatic
sketches made by Bartlett gave archaeologically correct information,
confirmed by the later excavations. Critics of Bond’s
book believed that such claims were not justified.
Bond, Frederick Bligh. The Gate of Remembrance. Oxford
Blackwell, 1918.

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