Named in the grimoire of Honorius as a powerful demon
and monarch of the western parts of the infernal regions. To
him the following invocation is addressed
‘‘O King Bayemon, most mighty, who reigneth towards the
western parts, I call upon thee and invoke thy name in the
name of the Divinity. I command thee in the name of the Most
High to present thyself before this circle, thee and the other
spirits who are thy subjects, in the name of Passiel and Rosus,
for the purpose of replying to all that which I demand of thee.
If thou dost not come I will torment thee with a sword of heavenly
fire. I will augment thy pains and burn thee. Obey, O King
Although ascribed to Pope Honorius III and supported by
what is claimed as a papal bull authorizing ordained priests to
invoke spirits and control demons, this grimoire is denounced
by Roman Catholic writers as a forgery. The grimoire became
popular among seventeenth-century occult magicians.

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