‘‘Beale, Dr.’’
The spirit doctor of Hulham House, near Exmouth, England,
working through the medium Miss Rose. ‘‘Dr. Beale’’ is
credited with the healing of many hopeless cases, as narrated
in One Thing I Know (1919), Dr. Beale (1921), and The House of
Wonder (1928), by E. M. S. (E. M. Storr), a lady patient, whom
he cured.
According to his own claims, ‘‘Dr. Beale’’ had been a physician
on Earth. He performed no operations, and his treatment
mostly consisted of diet, bath, and massages. Hulham House
was acquired in 1921 and was run on humanitarian principles.
Patients who were unable to come to the home were often treated
at a distance if they sent some articles of apparel to establish
the link.
Miss Rose, as a rule, went into trance when ‘‘Dr. Beale’’ possessed
her body and made the diagnosis. This was often preceded
by another possession when ‘‘Madeleine,’’ a spirit nurse,
came through and prepared everything for the doctor as Miss
Rose herself did not understand nursing. Another worker in
‘‘Dr. Beale’s’’ band was ‘‘Dr. Nova,’’ who worked through Sister
Mercia, a fully trained nurse in a small town in Devon. Miss
Rose often visited patients, and this way the healing was superintended
by ‘‘Dr. Beale.’’