Beare, Charles Albert (ca. 1931)
Famous British fake medium, who demonstrated claimed
clairvoyance and trumpet and psychometry phenomena. In
1920 he joined the Spiritualist organization the Temple of
Light and promoted himself as a medium. His ‘‘phenomena’’
were tested by the Temple of Light, which presented Beare
with a diploma certifying his mediumistic ‘‘gifts’’ and accrediting
him as an authorized medium. Beare claimed to have a
spirit guide named ‘‘Shauna,’’ supposed to be a Greek who had
lived 130 years earlier.
In 1931, however, Beare published a confession in the newspaper
Daily Express (September 18). He stated ‘‘I have deceived
hundreds of people. . . . I have been guilty of fraud and deception
in spiritualistic practices by pretending that I was controlled
by a spirit guide. . . . I am frankly and whole-heartedly
sorry that I have allowed myself to deceive people.’’
On November 4, 1931, Beare gave a talk to members of the
National Laboratory of Psychical Research, founded by psychical
researcher Harry Price. Beare demonstrated his mediumistic
frauds and stated that he was now absolutely disgusted
with himself.