Belin, Dom Jean Albert (1610–1677)
A Benedictine born at Besancon, France, in 1610. His principal
works, a treaty on talismans and a dissertation upon astral
figures, were published at Paris in 1671 and again in 1709. He
also published several texts on alchemy, Sympathetic Powder Justified
in 1671 and Les aventures du Philosophe inconnu, en la recherche
et en l’invention de la Pierre philosophale (Adventures of an unknown
philosopher in the search for and the manufacture of
the Philosophers’ Stone) (Paris, 1664, 1674). This latter work
is divided into four books and speaks very clearly of the manner
in which the philosophers’ stone is made. However, Belin ascribed
the authorship to another hand, and some of the adventures
appear symbolical rather than factual.