Bell, Fred (1940– )
Fred Bell, a flying saucer contactee, was born in Ann Arbor,
Michigan. After high school he joined the Air Force. He was
trained to work on radar and was stationed at a facility where
numerous UFO contacts were tracked. Following his time in
the Air Force, he worked with Rockwell International and then
as a consultant to various companies in the aerospace industry.
It was during this time that he became interested in Eastern
spirituality and studied with several spiritual masters. He also
obtained a degree in alternative medicine and became a lecturer
on behalf of the National Health Federation (an organization
advocating freedom of medical choice for the public).
In the 1970s Bell became well known as a contactee, claiming
contact with Semjase, the extraterrestrial from the Pleiades
first introduced to the public through the writings of William
‘‘Billy’’ Meier, the Swiss contactee. Popular UFO author Brad
Steiger wrote about Bell in his 1988 book The Fellowship, and
then collaborated with Bell in the production of a fictionalized
autobiography, The Promise (1991). The latter book suggested
that the Pleiadians had come to the Earth in ancient times, during
the Atlantis era. At one point, an evil cabal arose and stole
the advanced teachings of the Pleiadians in order to gain dominion
over the Earth. They took their struggle to Egypt but
were blunted by their inability to gain a Pleiadian artifact, a
small jeweled medallion which gave anyone who wore it access
to advanced scientific information and also transferred power
to the brain.
According to Bell’s story, his father discovered the medallion
while in Egypt in the 1930s. However, he was killed in the
effort to keep it from the Nazis, the modern representatives of
the evil Atlanteans. The medallion eventually came into Bell’s
possession. He then went to Egypt, where he met Semjase and
found a book containing information on Pleiadian science and
technology. Semjase communicated to him that she had a mission
of sharing the technology from the Pleiades with the
Earth. The transfer of that technology has been authorized by
the intergalactic Andromedan Council. The Pleiadians were
also attempting to activate human wisdom.
Through the 1990s, Bell has been a popular lecturer at UFO
and New Age gatherings. More recently, he authored a second
book, Rays of Truth-Crystals of Light (1998), introducing some of
the Pleiadian technology, much of which makes contact with
the older teachings of the Western Esoteric tradition.
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