Beloff, John (1920– )
Psychologist and parapsychologist; served as president of
the Parapsychological Association in 1972 and again in 1982;
president of the Society for Psychical Research, 1974–76; and
editor of the society’s Journal.
He studied philosophy and psychology at the University of
London, England; became research assistant at the University
of Illinois (1952); lecturer in psychology at Queen’s University,
Belfast, Ireland (1953); then was appointed senior lecturer in
psychology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1956.
He has had a long career of research and writing in parapsychology.
Among his numerous books, Psychological Sciences
(1974) and New Directions in Parapsychology (1975) have been
translated into several foreign languages. His later books include
The Importance of Psychical Research (1988); The Relentless
Question Reflections on the Paranormal (1990) and Parapsychology
A Concise History (1993). He was also program committee chair
for the joint Society for Psychical ResearchParapsychology Association
Centenary Conference at Cambridge, England, in
Beloff, John. Existence of Mind. New York Citadel, 1964.
———. The Importance of Psychical Research. London Society
for Psychical Research, 1988.
———. New Direction in Parapsychology. Metuchen, N.J.
Scarecrow Press, 1975.
———. Parapsychology The Way Ahead. Turnbridge Wells,
U.K. Institute for Cultural Research, 1974.
———. Psychological Sciences A Review of Modern Psychology.
New York Barnes & Noble, 1974.

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