Bender, Albert K.
Organizer of an American flying saucer bureau who
claimed to have discovered important data on the origin of
UFOs but is supposed to have been silenced in September 1953
by the visit of three mysterious men dressed in black. Three
years later this story was released by publisherwriter Gray
Barker in They Knew Too Much about Flying Saucers. The book
firmly established the MIB (Men in Black) in UFO mythology.
In 1962 Bender published his own book, Flying Saucers and the
Three Men, notwithstanding the alleged sinister silencers, in
which the somewhat anticlimactic secret was supposed to be an
Agharta-type underground UFO base in Antarctica, discovered
during an astral projection. Barker, always aware of the public
appetite for paranoia, used the Bender story as the basis for
writing two further books, Bender Mystery Confirmed (1962) and
MIB The Secret Terror among Us (1983).
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