Bennett, Ernest (Nathaniel) (1868–1947)
British politician and writer on psychic phenomena. Born
December 8, 1868, at Rede, Suffolk, England, he was educated
at Durham School and Hertford College, Oxford, and in 1915
he married Marguerite Kleinwort. Elected to Parliament in
1906, he later served as the parliamentary private secretary
(1909) and assistant postmaster-general (1932–35). He was
knighted in 1930.
As a member of the Society for Psychical Research, London,
Bennett was particularly interested in investigating haunted
houses, about which he wrote one book. He died February
2, 1947.
Bennett, Ernest. Apollonius; or, The Future of Psychical Research.
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———. Apparitions and Haunted Houses. London Faber and
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———. Christianity and Paganism in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries.
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———. The Downfall of the Dervishes. New York Negro University
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