Bennett, Sidney Kimball (1892–1958)
Prominent figure in twentieth-century astrology. Bennett
was born in Chicago on February 10, 1892. Although biographical
facts are scarce, he seems to have started his study of astrology
around 1915 and to have become a professional in the
early 1920s. His first book, Your Birthday and the Year Ahead, appeared
in 1928.
During the late 1920s, a series of events came to radically
alter his view of astrology. He had received complaints from clients
that his predictions for them had not worked as expected.
He turned away the criticisms as the result of faulty birth data,
which led to mistakes in the placement of planets in the horoscope
chart. However, privately he had noted that the failed
predictions had derived from his use of what astrologers
termed progressions, an old tool for manipulating the chart.
(Progressions are based on the notion that there is a relationship
between the first day of a person’s life and the first year
of that person’s life. In like measure there is a relationship between
the second day and the second year. Thus by examining
on the chart the same number of days after the person’s birth
as the person’s age in years, the astrologer supposedly can
make some judgments about the present and the immediate future.)
Then two events, one the death of a client in an accident and
the other a failed business trip for which Bennett had had high
hopes, led to his discarding progressions altogether. He moved
on to develop a system based on the solar return (the sun’s return
to its position in a birth chart, which occurs every seven
years), which he called the ‘‘Key Cycle.’’
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Bennett functioned publicly under the pen name Wynn. He
began Wynn’s Astrology Magazine in 1931, and for the next two
decades it was one of the most influential in the emerging field.
He also contributed a column to the New York Daily News and
wrote a number of popular books. He retired in the 1950s, and
his last days are undocumented. Dal Lee, in Dictionary of Astrology,
reports a rumor that Bennett ended his own life in Australia
in 1958, but that event is unverified.
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