Berger, Arthur Seymour (1920– )
American attorney who in 1970 became active in the field
of death education and the investigation and teaching of psychic
phenomena. In 1978 he taught courses in death and dying
and parapsychology for the Psychical Research Foundation,
and a sponsored program of Duke University at Durham,
North Carolina. In 1979 he became coordinator of education
and a research associate for the Psychical Research Foundation,
then taught parapsychology at the Institute for Retired
Professionals at Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,
in 1981. He established a PRF Research Center in Florida and
became president of Survival Research Foundation, a scientific
and educational center investigating the question of survival
after death, serving as associate editor of the journal Theta.
Berger published many papers and research briefs dealing
with the survival question, one of which earned him the Robert
H. Ashby Award from the Academy for Religion and Psychical
Research in 1985. Besides his work on survival, he has written
several historical and encyclopedic works on parapsychology.
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