Berridge, Edward (ca. 1843–1923)
British homeopathic physician who played an important
role in the Isis-Urania Temple of the occult society known as
the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Berridge is believed
to have qualified as a medical doctor in London and as a homoeopathist
in the United States. He was influenced by the
writings of Thomas Lake Harris and Andrew Jackson Davis,
whom he probably encountered during a period in the United
States. He returned to England in the 1850s and founded an
Adventist organization called the Brotherhood of the New
Life, devoted to the ‘‘reorganization of the industrial world.’’
He was also interested in psychosexual theories and practices
in relation to the occult.
Berridge joined the Golden Dawn in May 1889, taking the
magical name ‘‘Respiro’’ and the motto ‘‘Resurgam’’ (I shall
rise again). He associated with the London members who supported
MacGregor Mathers, including Aleister Crowley, who
later ridiculed Berridge with typical malice in his Confessions
and under the name ‘‘Dr. Balloch’’ in the novel Moonchild.
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