Berry, Catherine (1813–1891)
Nineteenth-century English medium active in the 1870s.
She discovered her gift in 1864 after a sitting with Mary Marshall.
It was alleged that she could throw sitters to the ground
by a wave of her hand. Many well-known mediums of the period
came to sit with her to be charged with more power. The
early issues of the Medium contain many accounts of her seances.
In her sole presence, however, psychical phenomena
were very few. At the Spiritual Institution in London in 1870,
she sat publicly with the medium Frank Herne. Her book, Experiences
in Spiritualism (London, 1876), records frequent sittings
with Charles Williams, Frank Herne, Agnes Guppy, and
Mrs. Everitt.
She developed automatic drawing, painting, and healing
power. In 1874 she exhibited 500 curious watercolors at Brighton.
In 1870 she published some prophecies regarding the
Franco-Prussian war by pointing out Bible texts illustrative of
passing events.
Berry, Catherine. Experiences in Spiritualism. London, 1876.