Berry, George (d. 1947)
First president of the British-based organization International
Spiritualists’ Federation (ISF). He was a member of the
Spiritualist’s National Union prior to World War I. In 1916 he
joined the council on which he served for many years. He became
vice-president in 1919 and afterward served as president
Bernstein, Morey Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
(1920–22) and general secretary (1922–32). He also edited the
publication National Spiritualist Monthly from July 1924 to December
Berry participated in the inaugural meeting of the International
Spiritualists’ Federation in 1922 in London and the next
year traveled to Liége, Belgium, when a constitution was drawn
up. Berry was elected first president and served a six-year term.
He was succeeded by Ernest W. Oaten, whom he had previously
followed in the presidency of the Spiritualist’s National
Union. In 1936 Berry suffered a stroke, which obliged him to
relinquish his ISF duties. He died July 13, 1947.