Bharati, Agehananda (1923–1991)
Scholar of Eastern religion and mysticism who was ordained
as Acharya in Dashanami Mahavidyalaya, Benares, India, in
1951. Scholars in the West considered him an important interpreter
of Hindu tradition, especially tantra. He became a professor
and chair of the department of anthropology at Syracuse
University, New York. He traveled throughout Thailand and
Japan as a visiting professor and is the author of a number of
scholarly but somewhat skeptical writings about Eastern mysticism.
In 1974 he contributed an important paper on ‘‘Separate
Realities Sense and (Mostly) Nonsense in Parapsychology’’ to
the Rhine-Swanton Interdisciplinary Symposium on Parapsychology
and Anthropology. Bharati died in 1991.
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