Bianchi, P. Benigno (ca. 1890)
Professor of psychiatry at Naples, director of the Salerne Insane
Asylum, and later minister of education, who investigated
the phenomena of medium Eusapia Palladino. He was present
at the sitting in March 1891 that was also attended by Cesare
On Marco Falcomer’s invitation, Bianchi attended a séance
with Nilda Bonardi and, in a spirit of skepticism, asked if the
intelligent force directing the movement of the table could indicate
the names of two of his uncles, deceased, and also reveal
a family secret. The table immediately gave the name of both
and proceeded to disclose the secret with so much exactitude
that Bianchi hastily cried ‘‘Stop!’’ Subsequently he wrote in a
letter to Falcomer ‘‘The entirety of the facts observed and
noted by me in the course of various sittings have profoundly
shaken my scepticism; and now I can no longer give myself out
to be a sceptic, as, for the time being, numerous facts incline
me to believe in spiritualism.’’