Billot, G. P. (ca. 1840)
French physician who practiced during the age of animal
magnetism and was acquainted with most of the phenomena
of Spiritualism. His Recherches psychologiques sur la cause des
phénomènes extraordinaires observés chez les modernes voyans, improprement
dits somnambules magnétiques, ou correspondance sur le
Magnétisme vital, entre un solitaire et M. Deleuze (2 vols.) was published
in Paris in 1839. It contains an interesting exchange of
letters and discussions on the subject of mesmerism with J. P.
F. Deleuze. Whereas Deleuze admitted many supernormal
phenomena but remained very cautious as to their public avowal,
Billot openly affirmed his belief in the existence of spirits
and in communication with the departed.

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