Björkhem, John (1910–1963)
Swedish physician in psychiatry and neurology and a parapsychologist.
He was born July 20, 1910, at Blekinge, Sweden,
and educated at the University of Uppsala. He tested some 400
subjects for psychometric faculty and wrote and lectured on
parapsychology in relation to hypnosis. His book Det Ockulta
Problemet (1939) was translated into Finnish, Norwegian, Danish,
and German. His other books dealing with parapsychology
include Nervstralningens Problem (The Problem of Nerve Irradiation,
1940); De Hypnotiska Hallucinationera (Hypnotic Hallucination,
1942); Hypnos och Personlighetsforvandling (Hypnosis
and Personality Change, 1959) and Livet och Manniskan (Life
and Man, 1959).

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