Blake, Elizabeth (d. 1920)
Unusually powerful direct voice medium of Bradrick, Ohio.
The voices were regularly heard in broad daylight. James H.
Hyslop published a favorable report on her mediumship in the
Proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research
(vol. 7 570–788).
Two expert conjurers, David P. Abbott of the ASPR and E.
A. Parsons, investigated Blake in 1906 and became convinced
of the identity of the spirit communicators. Blake used a 2-foot
long double trumpet; putting the small end to her ear and the
larger one at that of the sitter, it appeared as if the voices came
from her ear. If she covered the small end with her palm, the
result was the same. The voices grew from whispers to such
loudness that occasionally they were heard at a distance of 100
The endorsement by David P. Abbott is of particular importance,
since he created a wonderful trick in which voices appeared
to come from a teapot when the spout was held to an
ear; the teapot also answered questions. With his expert experience
of such illusions, Abbott would have been expected to discover
any similar tricks by Spiritualist mediums.