Bodhi Tree Book Review
The Bodhi Tree Book Review is a publication of the Bodhi
Tree, possibly the most well-known bookstore in the United
States specializing in New Age and alternative spirituality literature.
The Bodhi Tree, named for the tree under which the
Buddha found enlightenment, opened in 1970 in Los Angeles,
California. Through the 1980s it became known for its extensive
inventory as the place to locate obscure publications, especially
those from small publishing houses and the many spiritual
and New Age organizations.
At the beginning of the 1990s, the store launched its book
review magazine as a service to its patrons to assist them in locating
new books that were being published in their area of interest.
At the same time it has served as a marketing tool
through which publishers can reach a large and highly selected
audience of book readers.
The Bodhi Tree Book Review is issued biannually in an oversized
format. It includes several feature articles andor interviews
with prominent authors. The bulk of each 50-page issue,
however, has numerous brief notices of new books, the notices
being largely descriptive rather than critical material, much of
the content being largely drawn from dust jackets and publicity
material produced by the publishers. Each issue also carries a
list of the best-selling books and the best-selling CDs from the
month prior to the appearance of the new issue. The materials
are divided under more than 40 headings reflective of the variety
of topics and the diverse spiritual perspectives represented
in the bookstore. Books by some of the more prominent authors
of multiple titles are grouped in their own section.
The Bodhi Tree Book Review is published by the Bodhi Tree
at 8585 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90069-5199. The store
has a large website that includes its complete inventory online
Bodhi Tree Book Review. Los Angeles, n.d.
Bodhi Tree. February 28,2000.

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