Borderieux, Carita (Mrs. Pierre Borderieux)
Secretary to Gabriel Delanne, editor of La Revue scientifique
et morale spiritisme and founder and editor of the review Psychica
from 1921 until it ceased in 1940. She organized regular weekly
meetings in Paris with speakers on Spiritualism and parapsychology.
Such famous individuals as Camille Flammarion,
Gabriel Delanne, Juliette Bisson, Rene Warcollier, Leon
Chevreuil, Robert Tocquet, and Maurice Maeterlinck spoke
at these meetings. Borderieux had a special interest in clairvoyance
and so-called ‘‘thinking animals.’’ She published a book
on the subject, Les Nouveaux Animaux pensants (The New Thinking
Animals), and also trained the dog ‘‘Zou,’’ which was alleged
to answer questions put to it telepathically. Borderieux
died February 20, 1953.