Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
Organization founded in 1945 by Meade Layne as Borderland
Sciences Research Associates, concerned with the ‘‘borderland’’
region between fantasy and reality, fields of parapsychology,
the occult, psychic research, hypnosis, dowsing,
radiesthesia, radionics, telepathy, and other phenomena.
Layne showed a special concern with flying saucers. BSRA
published many mimeographed bulletins, including Flying Roll
and Meade Lane’s Round Robin, now known as the Journal of Borderland
Around 1960, the organization evolved into Borderland Sciences
Research Foundation, Inc. It explores phenomena that
orthodox science cannot or will not investigate, and it offers
recognition, understanding, and encouragement to individuals
who are having unusual experiences of the borderland type or
are conducting research in the occult. The foundation maintains
a library on occult science and related fields and publishes
the many flying saucer contactee writings of Riley Hansard
Crabb. The address of the foundation is P.O. Box 6250, Eureka,
CA 95502. Website
Crabb, Riley Hansard. An Attempt at Cosmic Fellowship. Vista,
Calif. Borderland Science Research Foundation, 1964.
Layne, Meade. The Coming of the Guardians. 5th ed. Vista,
Calif. Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, 1964.
———. The Ether Ship Mystery. San Diego Borderland Sciences
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