Bottazzi, Filippo (1867–1941)
Professor of physiology and director of the Physiological Institute
at the University of Naples where his work in physiology
was distinguished by its close relationship to biological and
physical chemistry. Bottazzi was born in Apulia, Italy, on December
23, 1867. He received his higher education in Rome,
becoming an M.D. in 1893. He began his distinguished career
as an assistant in physiology at the Institute of Higher, Practical,
and Postgraduate studies of Florence (now the University
of Florence).
Bottazzi became a member of the pioneer Italian psychic research
organization, Societa di Studi Psichici, founded in 1901.
Bottazzi held sittings with the famous medium Eusapia Palladino
in 1907. The manifestations, witnessed in the presence
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Bottazzi, Filippo
of professors De Amicis, Scarpa, and Pansini, were controlled
by instruments. Bottazzi became convinced of the reality of the
physical phenomena and declared, ‘‘The certitude we have acquired
is of the same order as that which we attain from the
study of chemical, physical or physiological facts.’’ Two years
later, he published his findings in Fenomeni Medianici.
In Botazzi’s later years he taught the history of science at
Cambridge University and went on to do numerous studies on
Leonardo da Vinci until his death on December 19, 1941 in
Diso, Italy.
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