Bottle Imps
A class of German spirits similar in many ways to familiars.
The following is a paraphrase of the prescription in an old
manuscript in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, England (MS. Ashmole
1406), for the purpose of securing one of these fairies
‘‘First, take a broad square crystal or Venetian glass, about
three inches in breadth and length. Lay it in the blood of a
white hen on three Wednesdays or three Fridays. Then take it
and wash it with holy water and fumigate it. Then take three
hazel sticks a year old; take the bark off them; make them long
enough to write on them the name of the fairy or spirit whom
you may desire three times on each stick, which must be flat on
one side. Bury them under some hill haunted by fairies on the
Wednesday before you call her; and on the Friday following dig
them out, and call her at eight, or three, or ten o’clock, which
are good times for this purpose. In order to do so successfully
one must be pure, and face toward the East. When you get her,
tie her to the glass.’’