Bowditch, H(enry) P(ickering) (1840–1911)
Physiologist who studied in Europe under Claude Bernard
and Jean Charcot. He had an outstanding career as a professor
of physiology at Harvard University Medical School and served
from 1883 to 1893 as the school’s dean. He also became a
founding member of the Society for Psychical Research, London,
and a friend of William James and Richard Hodgson.
Bowditch was born April 9, 1840, in Boston, Massachusetts,
and studied at Harvard University (B.A., 1861; M.A., 1866;
M.D., 1868). His education was interrupted by the Civil War,
during which he rose to the rank of major with the Massachusetts
Volunteer Cavalry (1861–65). He contributed many papers
to medical and scholarly journals and published Hints for
Teachers of Physiology (1899; 1904).He died on March 13, 1911.
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