Bram Stoker Club
In 1986 the Bram Stoker Society in Dublin, Ireland, reorganized
as a club affiliated with the Philosophical Society of Trinity
College, Dublin. Since Bram Stoker, the author of the novel
Dracula, was at one time president of the Philosophical Society,
the affiliation of the two societies seemed a natural fit.
The inauguration of the club occasioned the opening of the
Bram Stoker Archives, which included the Leslie Shepard collection
of Bram Stoker first editions, autographed material, related
literature, and other memorabilia. Housed in the Graduates
Memorial Building at Trinity College, the archives were
open to the general public. With the Philosophical Society unable
to maintain proper security of the Leslie Shepard collection,
the exhibit suffered some disorganization, so Shepard
withdrew his materials in 1988, pending availability of a safer
permanent venue.
Membership of the Bram Stoker Club, which is open to the
general public, involved associate membership of the Philosophical
Society. Members receive the club’s newsletters and
may participate in club activities, including lectures on themes
related to Bram Stoker and Irish supernatural literature, the
showing of rare Gothic films, and the promoting of public recognition
of Bram Stoker and his work.
After the disruption concerning the archives, the Bram
Stoker Society reemerged as the parent body of the Bram Stoker
Club. The club may be contacted co David Lass, Hon. Secretary,
Regent House, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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