Bridging Heaven and Earth
Bridging Heaven and Earth is national New Age television
talk show that originates from the community access television
station in Santa Barbara, California. Beginning as a local
broadcast, it drew attention for the quality of its production and
its ability to attract numerous national New Age leaders and
Bridging Heaven and Earth began in 1995 following a conversation
in which Allen Silberhartz (1947– ), his girlfriend
Wistancia, and others who identified with New Age spirituality
decided to create a television show that would offer an alternative
to the common format being adopted by most national talk
shows. It was felt that these shows tended to focus upon negative
realities and the lowest side of human nature. They decided
to create a show that would emphasize the potentials within
humanity and express the sense of Oneness with which Silberhartz
had lived since a profound mystical experience he had in
the 1970s.
When the show went on the air in the fall of 1995, Silberhartz
and Wistancia shared hosting duties. The show consisted
of music, frequently folk music representing different ethnic
communities, and interviews with one or more guests. Among
the more prominent guests have been the Dalai Lama, Kevin
Ryerson, Marianne Williamson, Buddhist actor Richard Gere,
and Barbara Marx Hubbard. Silberhartz has hosted the show
alone since 1997. When not hosting the show, Silberhartz is an
investment counselor and an independent meditation and
spiritual development teacher in Santa Barbara.
Bridging Heaven and Earth airs on Friday evenings at its
home station, and tapes are distributed for airing at stations
across the United States. Each show is an hour in length. The
show has an Internet presence at http
Bridging Heaven and Earth.
March 23, 2000.
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