British UFO Research Association
Originally founded in 1959 as the London UFO Research
Organization, which issued a monthly mimeographed magazine
LUFORO Bulletin. In 1962 LUFORO merged with seven
other British UFO groups and incorporated as the British UFO
Association, consolidated as BUFORA in 1964. It became legally
constituted in 1975 as a nonprofit company, limited by guarantee,
with the aims of in-depth research and investigation of
UFO phenomena. BUFORA’s membership was concentrated
in London and the southeast of England, and in the mid-1970s
one of the BUFORA investigators in northern England, Jenny
Randles, created the Northern UFO Network.
BUFORA issues the BUFORA Bulletin published eight times
a year for members, promotes regular lectures, sponsors conferences,
and operates the UFOcall hotline. It may be contacted
at BM BUFORA, London WC1N 3XX, England. Website