Britten Memorial Museum
British museum devoted to exhibits relating to Spiritualism
and psychic phenomena. Situated in the grounds of the Arthur
Findlay College, it is administered by the Spiritualists’ National
Union. The name of the museum derives from the work
of pioneer Spiritualist Emma Hardinge Britten, who was instrumental
in the founding of the Spiritualists’ National Federation
of Great Britain (later the Spiritualists’ National Union).
The museum contains over 1,000 exhibits, including diaries,
posters, paintings, books, clothing, regalia, photographs,
examples of automatic writing and slate writing, wax hands
(formed in materialization séances), apports, paranormal
paintings, and personal effect of famous Spiritualists. The address
is Britten Memorial Museum, Britten House, Stansted
Hall, Stansted, Mountfitchet, Essex, England.

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