Brown, Rosemary (1917– )
A modern British medium who performs musical compositions
on the piano which she claims originate from dead composers.
Born in London on July 27, 1917, Brown grew up to become
a housewife. She had no musical training, nevertheless,
she came to perform in the manner of Beethoven, Mozart,
Liszt, and other well-known composers. Her psychic performances,
which recall those of Jesse Shepard, another famous
musical medium who died in 1927, have been endorsed by famous
concert pianist John Lill, winner of the International
Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow in 1970.
Brown has also drawn watercolors and charcoals and painted
oils, which she claims are the original work of dead artists;
she has written poems from dead poets, equations purportedly
from Einstein, philosophical statements from Bertrand Russell,
and psychological observations from C. G. Jung.
In 1973 she started to write a play, Caesar’s Revenge, which
she claimed was dictated to her by the playwright George Bernard
Shaw, who died 23 years earlier. Brown stated that she
had not previously read any play by Shaw and had only seen a
television production of Pygmalion. Caesar’s Revenge was staged
at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland on Tuesday, August 22,
1978. Patrick Roberts, an English lecturer at University of London
and an expert on Shaw commented ‘‘The idea of the play
is reminiscent of the hell scene in Shaw’s Man and Superman,
where characters can indulge their fantasies without being interrupted.
There is the same light-hearted debate that Shaw
enjoyed so much. But the style isn’t Shaw’s at all. . . . this is colloquial,
more in keeping with a play of today.’’ Christopher Gilmore,
director of the Mountview Theatre, Hornsey, North
London, who staged the two-act play at the Edinburgh Festival,
stated ‘‘I’m positive it’s Shaw. It rings of him with its length of
scenes and satiric remarks couched in sweet language.’’ (See
also Pepito Arriola)
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