Bruce, H(enry) Addington (Bayley)
Canadian author, newspaperman, and lecturer on psychology,
education, and sociology. Bruce was born June 27, 1874, in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He studied at the University of Toronto
(B.A., 1859; M.S., 1896) and Harvard University. In 1897
he married Lauretta Augusta Bowers (died 1941). In the early
1920s, Bruce was a trustee of the American Society for Psychical
Research (ASPR), but he broke with the ASPR in 1925 and
became director of research for the Boston Society for Psychical
Research. He authored a number of books on psychic subjects
and contributed a number of articles to Tommorrow magazine.
He died February 23, 1959, in Hartford, Connecticut.
Bruce, Henry Addington Bayley. Historic Ghosts and Ghost
Hunters. New York Moffat, Yard, 1908.
———. Riddle of Personality. New York Moffat, Yard, 1915.
———. Scientific Mental Healing. Boston, Little, Brown,