Budapest, Zsuzsanna E. (1940– )
Founder of the main branch of Dianic (feminist) Wicca and
author of a number of books. Budapest was born Zsuzsanna
Mokcsay in Budapest, Hungary, on January 30, 1940, but left
in the wake Hungarian revolt of 1956. She moved to Austria
and then to the United States, where she studied at the University
of Chicago. She married and had two children, but the
marriage ended in the late-1960s. In 1970 Budapest moved to
California and became involved in the women’s movement and
in Witchcraft. She opened a feminist bookstore and began to
develop a form of Wicca that would meld Gardnerian Witchcraft
(based on the teachings of John Gardiner) and her growing
feminist ideals. In 1976 she published The Feminist Book of
Lights and Shadows, the basic text of what is known as Dianic
Budapest was by this time the priestess of a feminist coven,
the Susan B. Anthony Coven, in Venice, California. The coven
began a newsletter, Themis (now Thesmorphoria), and in 1979
she and the coven relocated in the San Francisco Bay Area. Budapest
opened the Women’s Spirituality Forum, which gave
Dianic Wicca a public outreach. Among her many books are The
Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries (1979) and The Grandmother of
Time (1989).
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