Burgot, Pierre (d. 1521)
A werewolf burned at Besançon, France, in 1521 together
with Michel Verdun. In his confession, Burgot stated that 19
years earlier he had been collecting his flock of sheep during
a great thunderstorm, when he was accosted by three demon
horsemen, clad in black. One of these demons asked what troubled
him, to which Burgot replied that he was afraid that his
sheep might be attacked by wild beasts. The demon told him
that if he would serve him as master and renounce God, Our
Lady, the company of Heaven, and his baptism, all his sheep
would be safe. He would also have money.
Burgot acknowledged the demon. Later, in company with
Michel Verdun, he attended a Sabbat of warlocks, where he
stripped naked and was anointed with an unguent, after which
his limbs became hairy and his feet like those of a beast. Verdun
also changed his form, and they both ran like the wind. In the
shape of wolves they pursued and attacked children and committed
other hideous crimes.
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