Butler, Walter (Ernest) (1898–1978)
Author of books on magic and other occult subjects. He was
born August 23, 1898, in England. In 1924 he married Gladys
Irene Newell. After serving in the British Army (1917–29), he
worked for many years as an engineer (1929–56). From 1956
to 1963 he was a member of the technical staff in charge of
physical chemistry, department workshop, at University of
Southampton, England.
He began experimenting with magical studies as a child and
studied yoga while stationed in India with the British Army. In
England, he became associated for a time with occultist Dion
Fortune and her Fraternity of the Inner Light. In 1954 Butler
was active in the Southampton Group of the Churches’ Fellowship
for Psychical and Spiritual Studies. His teachings and
many books formed the substance of the magical Servants of
the Light Association. His The Magician His Training and Work
(1959) is a classic text for basic magical training.
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