California Directory of Psi Services
Former annual directory of organizations, individuals,
shops, and services in the fields of parapsychology, occultism,
astrology, witchcraft, psychic science, and New Age spiritual
studies. The earliest known edition appeared in 1974 as the Directory
of Psychic Sciences Periodicals. The later editions had annotated
listings of groups and individuals with addresses and telephone
numbers to facilitate contact. It was edited by Elizabeth
M. Werner, later a member of the editorial board of the comprehensive
Whole Again Resource Guide.
California Institute of Transpersonal
Psychology Newsletter
Quarterly newsletter listing Ph.D. programs, with articles on
transpersonal psychology and expanded awareness. Includes
news of workshops, conferences, and reviews. Address: P.O.
Box 2364, Stanford, CA 94305.
California Parapsychology Foundation
Incorporated in 1957 as an educational and research organization.
The foundation maintained a reference and lending
library for associates and publishes a newsletter. Last known
address: 3580 Adams Blvd., San Diego, CA 92116.
California Society for Psychical Studies
Meets monthly for lectures on various aspects of psychical
studies; issues a newsletter Iridis. Address: P.O. Box 844, Berkeley,
CA 94704.
California Sun
California Sun, subtitled The Journal for Optimum Health, has
served the metaphysical and holistic health community of the
West Coast of the United States through the 1990s. Its editor,
Nicole Shoong, has seen it as providing truth and empowering
information for those on a journey to enlightenment. Such information
allows them to move out of a state of ignorance and
thus take responsibility for their choices and actions. Each issue
covers a wide variety of subjects concerning not only metaphysical
and psychic matters, but areas of cutting edge science. Subjects
of special interest are the environment, the freedom of holistic
healers to practice their skills, and government actions
that threaten public health.
California Sun struggled in the late 1990s. While many issues
are sold through subscription, others are distributed freely in
various metaphysical bookstores and holistic health centers in
California. By 1998, both subscriptions and advertising had
fallen below the level necessary to sustain production. At the
same time Shoong expanded her work on radio and developed
a weekly show with Spiritualist healer James Chappel, ‘‘The
California Sun News Hour,’’ a radio talk show that originates
in Santa Barbara, California. Like the periodical, the show took
a somewhat conspiratorial view toward what Shoong considers
the mind-manipulating activities of the government and large
corporations, especially those aimed at suppressing or denigrating
alternative science. The Food and Drug Administration
has been a special target of Shoong’s wrath. After a year-and-ahalf
hiatus, California Sun reappeared as a tabloid at the beginning
of 2000.
California Sun may be ordered at P.O. Box 1028, Summerland,
CA 93067.
California Sun. Summerland, California, n.d.

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