Campagni, Roberto
Contemporary Italian psychic who reportedly demonstrated
abilities of materialization and levitation. A surveyor by trade,
Campagni discovered his psychic gifts at the age of sixteen
after the death of his brother Ruggero. An aunt persuaded the
family to hold séances, at which Campagni found himself the
medium. Campagni continued to sit regularly with a séance
group known as Circle 77 in Florence, at which, it has been
claimed, apports materialized. Psychic researcher Gemma
Lasta described how Campagni’s hands lit up ‘‘like a neon
sign’’ with a glow around his fingers. The medium then passed
her what she described as a ‘‘cloud of light,’’ a weightless glowing
mass from which tiny flames leapt with a slight buzzing
noise, after which she found a five-pointed star in embossed silver
in her hand. Other witnesses have described a blue light
around Campagni’s hands when apports are materialized.
Father Eugenio Feriaroti, head of a Roman Catholic order
in Genoa, attended one séance, at which he stated that the medium
‘‘put a luminous ball of light into my hands.’’ The ball of
light then materialized into a small silver angel. Psychic researcher
Dr. Luigi Lapi of Florence claims at one séance he saw
the medium levitate to the ceiling. Genoanese physicist Alfredo
Ferraro states he has seen 30 materialized apports and believes
trickery is not involved. Parapsychologist Ugo Dettore, who has
also studied Campagni’s phenomena, suggests that the blue
light from the medium’s hands is a form of psychic energy
working outside the body.
Campagni himself is a shy individual who refuses to be photographed
and has never accepted money for his demonstrations
during more than 30 years of part-time psychic activity.