Canadian Society of Questers
The Canadian Society of Questers is an organization dedicated
to the study of what is popularly called dowsing, the natural
abilities some have demonstrated to locate water, mineral
deposits, and other items. The society was founded in 1979 in
Vancouver, and most of its members hail from western Canada.
The society seeks to correlate the philosophical and metaphysical
deductions concerning their art (and related fields such as
radiasthesia) with modern scientific findings. It also seeks to
discover the means of developing the human sensing capabilities
(both mental and physical) that allow dowsing to occur and
to disseminate that knowledge. To carry out its goals, the society
facilitates instructions of individuals and the public on matters
related to parapsychology and the paranormal element in
The programs of the society have dealt with a wide range of
topics. Questing is the name given to the key task of seeking for
things lost—stolen goods, missing persons, misplaced objects,
etc. Divining concerns the search for water and minerals,
searching for ley lines, and locating ancient ruins. Radiasthesia
uses some of the same abilities in healing endeavors.
Formed at about the same time as the Society of Questers
was the Canadian Society of Dowsers. It is based in Ontario
from where it draws most of its members. It has similar aims
and programs as the Society of Questers and as the new millennium
began, the two groups were engaged in discussions looking
for a merger. The Ontario group has chapters in Hamilton,
Ottawa, and Kingston.
The Canadian Society of Questers can be contacted at P. O.
Box 4873, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 4A6. It publishes a
quarterly journal, The Quester.
The Canadian Society of Dowsers may be contacted in co
Klaus Stalschuss, 173 Plymouth Rd., Kitchner, ON, Canada
N2G 3G7. It has an Internet page at
Canadian Society of Dowsers. httpwww.angelfire.comon
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Canadian Society of Questers.
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