Canavesio, Orlando (1915–1957)
Surgeon and neurologist, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In 1946 Canavesio founded the Argentine Medical Association
for Parapsychology, the first organization to encourage physicians
to explore parapsychology, and commenced publication
of the journal Revista Medica de Metapsiquica. He utilized the
electroencephalograph (EEG) to research the relationship between
ESP and brain physiology. In 1948 he was appointed
head of the Institute of Applied Psychopathology, which the
Argentine government had established to determine whether
the Spiritualist movement was injurious to the public welfare.
As the leading voice of parapsychology in the country, he was
invited to speak at the International Conference on Parapsychology
held at Utrecht, the Netherlands, in 1953. He was
killed in an automobile accident in 1957.
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