Cassoli, Piero (1918– )
Physician and psychologist actively concerned with parapsychology.
Cassoli was born July 25, 1918, in Bologna, Italy, and
educated at the University of Bologna (M.D., 1943). In 1947 he
became the secretary of a group of researchers investigating
parapsychology. He was one of the founders (1954) and then
president (1957–59) of the Centro Studi Parapsicologia. He
also served as director of the center for many years.
A member of the Italian Society for Parapsychology, Cassoli’s
interests in parapsychology have been quite varied. He
was among the first to promote experimental methods of psychical
research in Italy and conducted experiments on precognition.
He also investigated mediums, uncovering numerous
tricks they were creating. As a physician, he also experimented
in the use of hypnosis for anesthesia as an alternative to drugs.
Cassoli contributed articles on parapsychological subjects to
Minerva Medica and Luce e Ombra. In 1971 he participated in
the International Conference on Parapsychology held at St.
Paul de Vence, France.
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