Our physical body is the medium between the earth and the spiritual plane.  In order to be able to truly tap into the spiritual plane, we must ensure that our body is ready.  Our body is vital to be the initial temple in the process for true success on earth.  In order to capture real success, we must understand how energies work.  If you believe that muscle is what will get you physical success, you have a lot to learn.  We will discuss some muscle building techniques but the occult knowledge will go above and beyond so that you understand the best ways to channel your bodies energies and use your physical body in the best way possible.  This will also include diet - and with all of this, you will tap into superhero status. Medical Disclaimer

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Zoomancy A system of divination based on the appearances and behavior of animals.


Zoaphite According to the seventeenth-century traveler Jan Struys, a zoaphite was a species of cucumber that fed on neighboring plants. Its fruit had the form of a...


Zabulon This is the name of a demon said to have possessed a lay sister among the community of nuns at Loudun, France, in 1633.

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