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Welcome to the conspiracy vault.  We call this - "The Vault".  In 2018, it is getting to the point where we don't know what to believe anymore.  Reason being is many have allowed themselves to bucket their views into 'sides' when it comes to media and news, adding to the division of the people, instead of observing the whole picture.  For example, some will laugh at people who watch Youtube videos when the fact is, if the media will not publish a story, or refuse to publish, the person has no other choice but to get their word out elsewhere - and YouTube is a normal spot for getting their evidence out.  With this, people still dismiss YouTube.  With writing off YouTube, Google begins to feel its credibility is taking a hit and will begin to silence videos.  We are living in an important time where information and even the internet could be censored in more ways than we know.  In our 'vault', we will discuss all things 'conspiracy'.  We hate to use the word conspiracy, but since the word is already out there, and now a term for searches, we feel we need to.  We are sure that our audience will use their best judgment on the videos in the vault.  Enjoy.

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