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Welcome to the conspiracy vault.  We call this - "The Vault".  In 2018, it is getting to the point where we don't know what to believe anymore.  Reason being is many have allowed themselves to bucket their views into 'sides' when it comes to media and news, adding to the division of the people, instead of observing the whole picture.  For example, some will laugh at people who watch Youtube videos when the fact is, if the media will not publish a story, or refuse to publish, the person has no other choice but to get their word out elsewhere - and YouTube is a normal spot for getting their evidence out.  With this, people still dismiss YouTube.  With writing off YouTube, Google begins to feel its credibility is taking a hit and will begin to silence videos.  We are living in an important time where information and even the internet could be censored in more ways than we know.  In our 'vault', we will discuss all things 'conspiracy'.  We hate to use the word conspiracy, but since the word is already out there, and now a term for searches, we feel we need to.  We are sure that our audience will use their best judgment on the videos in the vault.  Enjoy.

Uranian Astrology

Uranian Astrology Uranian astrology is an innovative system of astrology developed early in the twentieth century by Friedrich Sieggrün (1877–1951) and Alfred Witte (1878–1943), two pioneers of the contemporary astrological revival. The system is sometimes referred to as the Hamburg School, a reference to...

United Lodge of Theosophists

United Lodge of Theosophists The United Lodge of Theosophists is an independent theosophical organization founded in 1909 by Robert Crosbie (1849–1919). Crosbie belonged to the theosophical community created by Katherine Tingley at Point Loma, San Diego, California, in the early 1900s. Before long he...

UFO Quebec (Periodical)

UFO Quebec (Periodical) Bilingual (French and English) Canadian quarterly concerned with UFOs. Last known address Claude McDuff, BP 53, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, PQ Canada H9G 2H5.

United Spiritualist Church

United Spiritualist Church The United Spiritualist Church was founded in 1967 by Rev. Floyd Humble, Edwin Potter, and Howard Mangan. Humble had earlier served a variety of independent Spiritualist congregations. The church affirms belief in Spiritualism and mediumship, both spiritual and physical, and the...

URANTIA Brotherhood Association

URANTIA Brotherhood Association The URANTIA Brotherhood Association was founded in 1989 to continue the work of the URANTIA Brotherhood, founded in 1955. That year people attracted to the teachings of The URANTIA Book, a large volume of channeled material first published in 1955, organized...

Universal Balm

Universal Balm An elixir sought by alchemists that was supposed to be a remedy for every malady and would even bring the dead back to life. (See also elixir of life)

The UFO Examiner (Journal)

The UFO Examiner (Journal) Former quarterly publication of Private UFO Investigations, a group concerned with UFO reports and international sightings, headquartered in Hazelton, Iowa.

Unification Church

Unification Church A religious movement founded in 1954 in Korea by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a South Korean engineer. His family had converted to the Presbyterian Church, and in 1935 he had a vision of Jesus, who reportedly told him to complete Jesus’...

The Upright Man

The Upright Man In the sixteenth century, the vagabonds and beggars of Britain were organized into unions with rules and grades. Of these grades, the order of the ‘‘Upright Man’’ seems to have had some special significance and authority, and it is believed...

UFO Magazine New Bulletin

UFO Magazine New Bulletin Former quarterly publication reporting UFO sightings, with critical analyses, published in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY)

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY) Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY) grew out of the magical philosophical thought of rock musician Genesis P. Orridge, formerly with...


Tumah According to the Kabala, the term refers to physical or moral uncleanness. The latter is divided into three main divisions—idolatry, murder, and immorality. Sin has rendered...

The Tsitsith

The Tsitsith An article of Jewish religious apparel, the fringe or tassels attached to the outer garment, which are believed to be endowed with talismanic properties. In...

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