We considered this name a lot - and it could be changed later.  But it could also be called 'Secret Chemistry'.  By taking elements, and understanding how they impact our body, we can proceed with using these elements for the best health.  We do not condone consuming anything (see our medical disclaimer ALWAYS) without extensive study (beyond this website), but when you look at elements, you begin to dig into research the breakdown of metals and manipulation of metals to make Ormus.  You will also see the background of Alchemy.  While alchemical breakdown can apply to metals, it can also apply to consciousness - the ultimate transcendence from the body to mind, so to speak.  We also discuss the valuable subject of gems and crystals, which are living things that are used to heal the body and are also used in some Ormus and Alchemical processes.  This is an exciting subject because it links to everything else. Gems and crystals are more powerful than you might know.  Enjoy! Medical Disclaimer

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Zoomancy A system of divination based on the appearances and behavior of animals.


Zoaphite According to the seventeenth-century traveler Jan Struys, a zoaphite was a species of cucumber that fed on neighboring plants. Its fruit had the form of a...


Zabulon This is the name of a demon said to have possessed a lay sister among the community of nuns at Loudun, France, in 1633.

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